How to stay focused

Today I want to share with you four tools I use to stay productive and focused. Productivity and focus are crucial for me when creating online courses, as they require tremendous planning, patience, and dedication. I thought you might also benefit from the following tools to stay dedicated to your Python learning path.

1. Working with a buddy
Learning is an activity that we do on our own. But there is a problem - we are social beings. We need buddies to stay on track. And that's where the web app comes in. It is an app that randomly matches you with another person on camera. At the beginning of the session, you both declare what you want to achieve for the session. Then, each of you starts on your tasks. At the end of the session, you have to report to your mate on the progress you made. The app will increase your productivity like magic.

2. Focus radio
Different types of music trigger different kinds of emotions in us. And plays music that tricks your brain into staying focused while you are working or learning. Give it a try.

3. Beeminder is an app for setting goals, tracking them, and getting reminders about them. You will get a data visualization of your progress on the app. Depending on what kind of person you are, this might be a game changer.

4. Paper tablets
We used to take notes on paper before the digital age, and it worked fine. Then, Android and iOS tablets brought the power of taking digital notes. However, with them came notifications and distractions. Here is where paper tablets shine. Devices such as Remarkable 2 and Quirklogic Papyr are paper tablets that bring the power of taking handwriting notes on digital documents but without the distractions that exist on Android or iOS tablets. They are a perfect midpoint between distraction tablets and old paper.

To wrap it up, all the four tools above are different approaches, and you can combine them or use the ones that work for you. 

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