Daily Python Projects

As the creator of some of the most popular Python courses on Udemy, with over 500,000 students, I learned that the best way for people to learn a programming language is by solving projects. That is what Daily Python Projects is all about.
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What are the projects about?

Each Python project will be different, covering a huge variety of topics from using Python to automate simple tasks to web scraping, data analysis, building web apps, and many, many more. We will use the most useful and latest Python libraries and frameworks. You will not only have the opportunity to practice Python daily, but also be up to date with Python. You can view a list of recent projects on the Substack page here.

How does this all work?

You will receive a new email around 6 PM (UTC) every day from Monday to Friday through the Substack platform. The email will contain the project description and any necessary files you might need to work on the project. You can code the solution in your local. Each project also includes a code solution so you can compare your code with the provided solution..