The Python Mega Course

This is a comprehensive Python course. You can take the full course to become a Python programmer, or pick any of the course projects to master specific areas of Python.

250,000+ students enrolled
By Ardit Sulce

Course description

This is the only course that follows a multimodal learning approach that offers students both a video course and an environment that simulates real-world programming activities similar to a real bootcamp. Students learn Python by building programs from scratch, adding new features to existing programs, improving existing features, fixing bugs, engaging in code experiments, learning programming tools that every programmer should know, deploying apps in the cloud, and engaging with other fellow students. Your skill set will build up progressively and strongly while you also build your programming portfolio to list and showcase all your Python projects.

Here are some of the Python projects you will build during the course:

Flask APIs that serve historical weather data

- Many helper chatbots.

App that sends news by email every morning

- Web scraper of music events

- Webcam motion detector App

- Student management system GUI with SQL database backend.

- Portfolio website with Streamlit.

- PDF-generator with Pandas.

- App that sends news by Email every day.

- And 10+ more awesome projects.

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