Automate Everything with Python

Spin up your Python skills to a pro level, learn to create hundreds of programs and build a large GitHub portfolio!
By Ardit Sulce

Course description

In a fast-growing world, Python programming is becoming a must-have skill. This course uses high-tech tools to help you master Python. Whether you want to automate email sending, rename 10 thousand files at once, schedule SMS, auto-start the webcam, auto-login to websites, scrape values, and many, many more, this course has it all. In the process of learning to do all those cool programs, you will master Python and will create programs with ease. 

One of Python's strongest points is to make our jobs easier and more fun by automating tasks in any area. You will learn to send emails with attachments to hundreds of CSV contacts, automate SMS messages, filter photos from your albums, detect faces in photos and videos, spin up and deploy quick web apps, extract data from websites and PDF files, convert between different file formats, clean text using natural language processing, and many many more. At the end of the course, you will be equipped with a strong set of skills and a good GitHub portfolio.