Advanced Python: Python OOP with 10 Real-World Programs

Master Python from the inside out and learn how to build any Python program with ease using Python classes and OOP!

8,900+ students enrolled
By Ardit Sulce

Course description

If you already know Python basics, then this course is the next step in your Python learning path to become a Python programmer. Apart from learning how to code like a pro in Python, in this course, you will also gain the skills to work with:

  • Git and GitHub

  • Debuggers

  • Software design principles

  • Writing highly organized code

  • Code planning

  • Code refactoring

  • SQL databases

  • Web applications

  • Mobile applications

  • Desktop programs with graphical user interfaces

  • Web scraping

  • Automating tasks

  • Controlling the computer and mobile camera with Python

  • Getting daily news automatically

  • Generating PDF reports automatically

  • Sending automated emails

  • Building Python REST APIs.

  • Creating and publishing Python packages

You will learn to program in the professional object-oriented programming paradigm by building ten real-world Python applications. Object-oriented programming is the ultimate way of programming, and you will learn that from scratch. By the end of the course, you will be a master of Python and effortlessly build any Python program using quality, highly organized Python code. Here are the 10 Python applications you will build during the course:

  1. A geometry game based that introduces the concepts of classes and OOP

  2. A program that automatically generates PDF reports

  3. An image processing program

  4. A GUI webcam photo sharer app

  5. A web-application version of the second app

  6. A web scraper

  7. A program that sends news through automated emails

  8. An interactive dictionary web app


  10. A cinema booking web app

  11. A Python package for weather forecast