Here is how to create a simple Tkinter app in Python.

from tkinter import Tk, Label, Entry, Button

# Create the main window
window = Tk()

# Set the title of the window
window.title("Enter Your Name")

# Create a label to prompt the user
label = Label(window, text="Enter your name:")

# Create a text box for user input
name_entry = Entry(window)

# Function to greet the user based on input
def greet():
  name = name_entry.get()  # Get the text from the entry box
  greeting = f"Hello, {name}!"
  greeting_label = Label(window, text=greeting)

# Create a button to trigger the greeting function
button = Button(window, text="Greet me!", command=greet)

# Start the main event loop


  1. We import Entry for the text box widget.
  2. We create an Entry widget using Entry(window). This creates a text box where the user can type their name.
  3. We define a function called greet. This function retrieves the text from the entry box using the get() method and creates a greeting message. It then creates a new label widget with the greeting message and packs it into the window.
  4. The button is configured to call the greet function when clicked using the command=greet option.